Providing Healthy Pool Water for Lago Vista, TX
October 18, 2021 ~ Good Night Lago Vista Texas!
Pool Maintenance Plans designed for
Lago Vista pool owners beginning at $99/month.

Lago Vista's Most Detailed Partial Pool Service Plan

Now Lago Vista swimming pool owners can have healthy and blue pool water all year long by signing up for our Partial Maintenance Plan. On the Partial plan, a local Lago Vista pool technician will perform the majority of the maintenance work needed to keep your pool beautiful. Check the list below to see your short list of personal pool duties.

Have a busy schedule? Consider our Full Maintenance Plan.

Service List of Lago Vista Partial Pool Maintenance Plan
Begin Weekly Service

This Lago Vista Partial Swimming Pool Maintenance Plan works great with any gunite or fiberglass pools and is specifically tailored with Lago Vista, TX weather and seasonal conditions in mind.

After starting the Partial Maintenance Plan, you can upgrade to our Full Maintenance Plan at any time.

*Special Note: During October to March we offer Lago Vista pool owners twice a month pool maintenance.

Pools You Find in Lago Vista Texas

Our Lago Vista pool service technicians most commonly maintain inground pools. It is no surprise why this type of pool is so popular with Texas residents. Special features make them more attractive to own and maintain. For example, there are self-cleaning jets located on the pool floor that routinely blast water in all directions removing any piled up dirt and sand. Another favorite feature of Lago Vista, TX pool owners is referred to as beach entry. This is a pool in which there is a slight slope all the way in.

Other Types of Texas Pools

The pool techs on our weekly service routes mostly see gunite pools but they also service fiberglass pools. We no longer service vinyl pools.

Vinyl pools were a great way to install a pool on a tight budget. They use similar vinyl lining as found in an above ground pool which allows the surface to remain smooth to the touch. Lago Vista homeowners can choose between many different vinyl styles and since there is no predetermined shape to the pool, you can customize the depth and shape of your pool. Since the pool is so smooth, algae has a hard time attaching itself to the walls of the pool which means much lower algae.